Our Approach

Scalable solutions with strong impact potential

Montpelier Foundation

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At the Montpelier and Hampshire Foundations, we back scalable solutions with strong impact potential, that aim to shift behaviours of governments, companies and people.

We fund partners who are finding pathways to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or to help people build resilience against poverty and climate change. Some are making rapid, near-term impact, while others are tackling deep-seated problems at their roots.

Our work spans across the globe: in high- and middle-income countries, where there are the highest greenhouse gas emissions; and in low-income countries, where people are the most vulnerable, yet the least responsible for climate change.

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Covering core costs for critical regions and issues

Our portfolios focus on different levers of action to create accountability and improve know-how. They include shaping and enforcing strong laws and policies, addressing vested interests, transferring knowledge, and empowering people.

Our grants are intended to reach critical issues or regions, cover core costs for our partners with little or no restrictions, and put a spotlight on problems and solutions.

Our grant-making budget is about $20 million annually, with our average grant size between $200,000 and $500,000 a year per organisation.

We also make investments from our endowment through a climate-lens.

Climate Partners

Protecting and Restoring Ecosystems

Reducing Emissions from our Energy Systems

Some of the ways our partners do this

Frontline Action
Technical Assistance to Governments
Data and Transparency
Legal Action
Strategic Communications
Research and Development

Livelihood Partners

Supporting Rural Livelihoods in Africa and Asia

Supporting Job Prospects for Youth in Africa, Asia and the U.K.

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Our Approach

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Climate Partners

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