Village Enterprise


Mission: To end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Where they work: Kenya, Uganda







Of the 770m people in the world that are estimated to be ‘extreme-poor’, around half reside in Sub-Saharan Africa. Experience has shown that many people lack the business skills and financial literacy, as well as access to capital, financial institutions and markets, in order to generate enough income to break out of poverty.

Village Enterprise runs a one-year poverty graduation programme, providing seed capital and training to help people living on less than $1.90 per day in rural East Africa to break the cycle of poverty. People in the programme organise into groups of three to start businesses and learn skills that help them earn additional income to take care of their families. Village Enterprise has started over 43,000 business and trained over 169,000 East Africans, and they have launched Village Enterprise Extend, working with partners to scale their poverty graduation model to even greater numbers of people around Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our partnership: We are supporting Village Enterprise with unrestricted grant funding from our sister non-profit Hampshire Foundation.


Learn more about their work on their website.