SchlaU! School


Mission: To support unaccompanied minors and young refugees in exercising their human right to education and school and to participate in society.

Where they work: Munich, Germany









Loosely translated as ‘smart school’, SchlaU-Schule is Europe’s first school to be exclusive for 16-25 year-old refugees. The school creates its own educational materials to teach the German curriculum, whilst providing language lessons, legal assistance and psychological support.

The majority of SchlaU’s students are still in the asylum process but within 2 years of attending SchlaU over 90%  receive their school-leaving qualification. Due to a strong focus on vocational skills and employment, including a compulsory 2-week internship for final-year students, 85% of 2015-16 graduates found an apprenticeship right after graduation or got enrolled into other education institutions.

SchlaU has grown since its establishment in 2000 and now has around 300 students. The organisation is working to extend its impact beyond the school, by providing training to external teachers and developing materials for the wider community.

Our partnership: We have supported SchlaU since 2016 with unrestricted grant funding.



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