Our Approach

We fund organisations whose core focus is to see meaningful income uplift for those who need it most.

We focus on two groups:

The Rural Poor: we aim to help those living in rural areas increase their incomes.

We support organisations that are either helping individuals to improve their current livelihoods or to engage in new productive activities. One key livelihood is smallholder agriculture, where we support organisations that are intervening at one or more points in the value chain:

Disadvantaged Youth: we aim to help socio-economically disadvantaged youth make the transition from school to work.

We support organisations that are intervening at one or more points in this process:

The type of funding we provide fits the organisation’s needs, with the purpose of helping those who have a successful, proven solution to grow or scale their operations.

We provide grants typically to non-profits which cannot be fully self-sustainable because they are reaching the most vulnerable and excluded. This is usually unrestricted funding in order to give our partners more flexibility.

We provide investments typically to social businesses, including loans, social impact bonds, equity and quasi-equity. Our decision is driven by the social impact and what our funding can help prove, whether for the organisation or a sector or market.

We typically look to support organisations, rather than projects, that display the following key features:

The location of our partners spans across sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, South Asia and South-East Asia.

We also support a few organisations and programmes in the UK, focused on disadvantaged youth.

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Our process is to receive referrals from within our own networks, so unfortunately we cannot accept unsolicited applications.

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