Nepal Youth Foundation


To offer hope and opportunity to Nepal’s most impoverished children by providing them what is every child’s birthright: vital healthcare, education and a safe environment.











Unemployment in Nepal is 46%. Whilst vocational trades are largely being performed by immigrants coming from other South Asian countries, large numbers of low-skilled Nepalese youth emigrate. Women and girls are particularly disadvantaged – with low levels of education and literacy, they have few opportunities to support themselves economically in adulthood.

Nepal Youth Foundation is an outstanding NGO which empowers Nepalese children and young people through education and vocational training, whilst meeting their basic health and nutrition needs. The organisation has recently constructed the Olgapuri village, an impressive campus that can house over 80 orphans and has an on-site vocational training school and farm. The school will train disadvantaged Nepalese youth to fill a skill gap in the local job market for trades such as plumbing, furniture making and care giving, enabling these young people to earn higher than the national average income.


Our grant funding is being used for the construction of the vocational training school, to be completed at the end of 2016.



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