Mission: To move smallholder farmers out of poverty

Where they work: Mali, Senegal







Only 3% of smallholder farmers have access to financing through traditional banks and microfinance. The vast majority therefore remain in poverty, unable to secure quality fertiliser, seeds and farm equipment.

myAgro is an innovative social enterprise aiming to change this. Through a mobile layaway platform, it enables smallholder farmers to save up for farming products throughout the year, without taking out loans. At the start of each planting season, myAgro then delivers the pre-paid high-quality seeds and fertilisers to its customers, whilst also providing training in modern farming methods.

This year myAgro aims to reach 32,000 farmers across Mali and Senegal, increasing their yields by up to 100%.

Our partnership: We have supported myAgro since 2017 with unrestricted grant funding from our sister non-profit Hampshire Foundation.

Learn more about their work on their website