Lumni Peru Fund

Mission: To help students succeed in academic and professional fields.

Where they work: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA







Lumni designs and manages social investment funds that invest in the tertiary education of diversified pools of students, predominantly from low-income backgrounds. In exchange, each student commits to pay a fixed percentage of income for a fixed number of months after graduation. The student’s obligation is complete at the end of the period regardless of the sum paid to date. Under this design, students face little risk of overly burdensome debt payments, providing relief for debt-adverse populations that are most in need of funding. To date Lumni has supported over 8,000 students.

Lumni Diagram










Our partnership: We have supported Lumni since 2013 with an investment into their Peru Fund, match-funded by our sister non-profit Hampshire Foundation.


Learn more about their work on their website