Mission: To reinvigorate commercial fruit production in Uganda by building resilient farming communities founded upon the empowerment of women and girls through the cultivation of passion fruit.

Where they work: Uganda








Due to a lack of modern farming techniques, many Ugandans consider farming a necessity but not a profession to aspire to. Women typically do not own the land and are hence often unable to earn their own income or pursue an education.

KadAfrica seeks to address this problem, by enabling disenfranchised girls to learn agricultural skills and build their own farming business. Through the ‘KadAfrica Experience’, 14-20 year-old out-of-school girls are recruited into cooperative groups and are provided with plots of land to cultivate passionfruit. In addition to agricultural and business training, the young women receive a curriculum of life skills, health education and personal mentoring. 100% of their cultivated passionfruit is bought by KadAfrica Limited, who sell to domestic and international customers alongside the produce from their own farm. This provides the girls with a ready market and an important source of income to support their daily expenses or to help them save for education or their own business start-ups.

To date KadAfrica has supported over 1,600 out-of-school girls and helped increase their incomes by six times.

Our partnership: We have supported KadAfrica since 2016 with a revenue-share loan.



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