Ikamva Youth

Mission: To enable disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty and into tertiary education and/or employment.

Where they work: South Africa







South Africa’s education system suffers from poor quality, teacher shortages, high dropout rates and low achievement. The problem is distinctly worse for black youth, only 2.8% of which were in higher education institutions in 2012.

IkamvaYouth is working to alleviate this education crisis, by organising tutoring and career guidance for secondary school students from townships, leveraging volunteers from the same communities. The results to date have been impressive, with students consistently outperforming the national average for Grade 12 exams and at least 60% accessing tertiary education every year.

Our partnership: We have supported Ikamva Youth since 2015 with unrestricted grant funding, including match-funding from our sister non-profit Hampshire Foundation.


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