Clean Cooking Working Capital Fund



To strengthen the supply of clean cookstoves and fuels by providing affordable working capital to enterprises across the value chain lacking sufficient collateral or financial history to access traditional debt.


Africa, Asia and Latin America


2.7 billion people worldwide use traditional solid fuels (wood, charcoal, organic waste) in open fires or very basic cookstoves. This inefficient process is both expensive and dangerous to health – it is estimated that 4 million people, of which 44% are children, die every year from respiratory diseases and lung cancer resulting from unclean cooking.

The Clean Cooking Working Capital Fund was set up by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves in partnership with Deutsche Bank, as the world’s first fund to provide loans to enterprises which are producing or distributing clean cookstoves. Clean cookstoves still require a fuel source but they allow their users to reduce their consumption and spend on fuel whilst significantly reducing the emission of harmful gases. The USD 4 million Fund is designed to support enterprises that face difficulty accessing traditional sources of capital, and in doing so accelerate development of the clean cooking supply chain in low-income communities.


We have provided a loan commitment to the fund, which has been match-funded by our sister non-profit Hampshire Foundation.



Learn more about the fund here